Upgrading the Basic Backage
with Insurance & Banking

This is definitely the package for you!
All administrative paperwork and accommodation booking is on us! 
What’s better than relaxing and enjoying during your move to France? 



Based on your criteria, we will search the perfect place for you and handle everything. Your new home is waiting for you. If you need assistance finding a backer, we handle everything.


As an International student, you should be eligible to Housing Allocations from the CAF. You can receive from French government between 80€ and 170€ per month.


We will handle with you the stamp purchase and your Visa validation process. You should know that a stamp cost 60€ in order to validate your student Visa.


In this package, we also provide you with a credited transportation pass and a Pre paid SIM card upon your arrival. You can choose a telecom company that best suits your preference.


Having insurance in France is mandatory. Keep in mind that renting a place can only be accomplished if you have a home insurance contract in France. Likewise, other insurances such as Health Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance are strongly important. Opting for additional insurances will offer and assure you a more relaxing experience during your stay.

Home Insurance

It is mandatory in France to have a home insurance contract before you can rent a place. Pick one of our partners and offers, let us handle the paperwork

Civil Liability

Will cover any kind of damage/injury to or from a person – intentionally or not – of accommodation or workplace. It is strongly mandatory to have this insurance to finalize your enrolment at a school or univeristy, likewise for your internship.

Health Insurance

In addition to your home insurance, we recommend opening a contract for your health insurance. If you need guidance, please contact us and we will handle all the paperworks


Having a bank account in France is mandatory to manage all formalities with various administrations and handle your daily expanses. You can pick one company that best suits you– such as LCL, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, HSBC, etc– we will tackle the rest.

Bank Account

Select a bank, we handle the boring stuff. You only have to sign. All the information will be private between you and your bank

Manage your Daily Expenses

Thanks to a French bank account you can handle your every day expenses and avoid extra fees from a foreign credit card

Mandatory for Formalities

You will need a French bank account to handle your rent, various administration formalities and costs. This is a must have, so let’s go!


Our representative will be meeting you for further directions, advice and get to know one another. Such a wonderful way for you to start your new journey.
We will provide you with more information & answer any questions needed.